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Mirzoyants Management Consulting

Helping organizations make better decisions based on great quality data and analytics

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How did it start?

MMC builds on the expertise of the company’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Anastasia Mirzoyants-McKnight.

With 15+ years of experience in research and M&E and five advanced degrees, Dr. Anastasia Mirzoyants-McKnight is a global expert in social impact, marketing and analytical projects. Her forte is complex large-scale population studies, qualitative and quantitative. Anastasia is fluent in mixed-method and multi-mode research and measurement, including the development and tracking of key performance indicators.

For the past decade, Dr. Mirzoyants-McKnight has been working in Middle East, Africa and Asia on projects funded by multinational corporations, private foundations, governments and non-government agencies.

Anastasia is a published author and experienced public speaker; she has been featured by international media, including Kenya National TV (NTV), Kenya Television Network (KTN), Radio France International, and Al-Jazeera Stream.

In 2015 Dr. Mirzoyants-McKnight founded MMC, Mirzoyants Management Consulting.  After working on projects during the course of her young career in 140 countries, Dr. Mirzoyants McKnight observed a need for a strong analytics consultancy that provides customers with a crisp view of numbers, facts & information through the use of best in class data analytics.  MMC was born.

Our mission

MMC mission is to work with customers to guide them to better decisions, more profound and lasting impact, increased profitability and sustained competitive advantage. MMC specializes in cross industry solutions, inclusive of government and NGO’s.

Why you should work with MMC

Why MMC? It is simple, we know. Whether you are working in complex markets like Afghanistan, Russia, Pakistan, India, or Nigeria, or in less difficult ones like East Africa, no matter the continent our experience in 140 countries brings proven expertise into your organization.

MMC know-how provides your company with the expertise to effectively execute elaborate research projects, so you can make mission critical decisions quickly and accurately.