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Key products

Strategy briefs

We package existing academic/research reports and policies into easy to present and share informational and strategy briefs in appealing format from Word to PowerPoint to a designed document. We also assist organizations with advanced analysis of data already collected, e.g., population studies or transactional data of users of the organization’s products and services. We can conduct a number of data analysis rounds to answer pre-set questions or to develop narratives to support particular projects or policies.

Qualitative and quantitative research

We conduct original large-scale population studies, qualitative and quantitative. We can undertake all aspects of such studies from design to data collection to data analysis and reporting with recommendations on policies, products and services based on the data.

Audience segmentation

We are well-versed in methodologies used to segment target audiences by demographic, attitudinal, behavioral, socio-cultural and psychographic characteristics. We can advise on the which segments should be selected for primary targeting and assist with creating detailed personas to guide persuasive and marketing campaigns.

User experience (UX) and usability studies

MMC team can test products and services (including mobile applications and websites), design and test user journey, advise on how to make products/services more user-friendly using human-centered and human-driven methodologies.

Monitoring and evaluation

We have a rich toolbox for assessing the effectiveness of programs and projects. We can design the Theory of Change, monitor the progress with regular reporting and assess the overall outcome through summative evaluation of a program or a campaign.

We can also provide advice on increasing program/project effectiveness, including cost effectiveness.

Digital analytics

We can assist organizations by exploring (1) who is talking about their products and services online; (2) who are the key influencers in such digital conversations; (3) how people talk online – positively, negatively, etc.; and more. Such analysis can help prevent a crisis, conduct timely and effective damage control, explore hidden/unrealized needs of the target audience, and much more.

Staff training

We train both research and administrative staff on best approaches to research, monitoring and evaluation, data analysis for policy-making, and product/service design.

Technical support

Our team create digital products (websites, apps, social media pages) to support implementation of a range of policies, products and services that have been informed by our research work.

Our key sectors

Financial inclusion

We have been working on massive research and implementation projects focused on poverty alleviation, mobile money and other digital financial platforms, financial literacy, and financial behaviors, including income-generation and spending habits.

Sexual and reproductive health
Sexual and reproductive health

Sexual and reproductive health, especially among adolescents. We have been involved in programs addressing early sexual debut, early marriages, unplanned pregnancies and factors that motivate girls to engage in relationships which are harmful for their health.

Young people and adolescents
Young people and adolescents

Adolescents and youth — For the past 4 years, we have been closely engaged in studies focusing on youth, their lives, lifestyles, aspirations, etc. We have also looked into such issues and youth’ attitudes/knowledge towards governance and devolution, criminal and violent extremism, informal labor market, etc.

Media and communications
Media and communications

Our media audience studies build on the experience MMC team gained by participating in global audience research programs for such organizations as BBC, Radio Free Europe, Voice of America, Radio France International, Radio Netherlands, and Well Told Story media house (East Africa).